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Michael Sam and the Kiss Smacked ‘Round the World

Are you ready for this? Are you really ready to see homosexual relationships depicted as normal on every commercial and television show and sports cast? Oh sure, we have seen two men or two women kissing, but it has usually been in some sensational or novel way to make a point. But as our nation begins to settle in with its new affirmation, we can expect to see more and more depictions of “unique” families than ever. The poor children of America are going to grow up thinking this is normal. It will never be normal, nor will it be right.

This particular article is especially asinine, as it tries to convince us that producer Seth Markman’s seven year old son, when told about his daddy having to deal with a controversy having to do with Sam’s kiss on TV (which Markman produced for ESPN), assumed the controversy was that they were not married. This seven year old sees two men kissing and he thinks the controversy is over marriage? Sure!

Ultimately, says Markman, “We’re there to document the moment, not make a political statement.” Oh, that’s different! Since you did not want to make a political statement (or a moral or religious one for that matter), then Alakazam! it’s not political!

Postscript: By the way, is it really the policy to spend this much time on the celebratory responses of people drafted in the ┬áseventh round? I don’t think so. Is it because he is gay? Of course it is. Therefore, this is a political, cultural, social statement!

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