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When religious beliefs become evil: 4 signs – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs

From the article:

“Absolute claims can quickly move into a justification of violence against someone who rejects that claim,” Kimball said. “It’s often a short step.”

Healthy religions acknowledge that sincere people can disagree about even basic truths, Kimball says.

The history of religion is filled with examples of truths that were once considered beyond questioning but are no longer accepted by all followers: inerrancy of sacred scripture, for example, or the subjugation of women and sanctioning of slavery.

Of course the absolute claims and religious beliefs of evolutionists, the LGBT community, abortionists, etc., are excluded from inclusion here!

When religious beliefs become evil: 4 signs – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs.

Oh, the Logic that betrays a lack of understanding about Christianity!

More faulty logic

If you are not familiar with what happened earlier this week when Jason Collins, an NBA player, who stated publicly that he was gay (apparently the first such participant in a major men’s professional sport to do so), click on this link and catch up. When you do, be sure and watch the video embedded in the article showing Chris Broussard’s comments when asked what he thought about the fact that Collins, the gay athlete, also claimed to be a Christian! Broussard’s answer was refreshing and uncommon in our present atmosphere. It was also brave—borne out by the fact that the article I am referencing concerns ESPN’s decision not to fire him-for exercising his first amendment rights!

But here is the part I am interested in. In the video, Broussard’s answer is rebutted by LZ Granderson, an ESPN contributor, who, as indicated by his comments, must be…

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