4 thoughts on “WORLD | Examining the ‘new critics’ of Genesis | Hugh Ross | July 12, 2014

    1. cscottfowler Post author

      I tend to agree, Joe. I think we have to have the debate because otherwise people begin to believe that whales evolved from Jackals! But, I think there are few “converts” from evolution to creationism of any kind without supernatural intervention.

      1. justthink25

        And there’s no evidence whatsoever of Macro Evolution , i.e ” a change of kinds.” The atheists love to confuse the terms of subtle change over time with a change of kinds…. But the age of the earth debate tends to be devisive among Christians. I’ve seen it get nasty on the net. I tend to avoid it when I can. I would never avoid it with an atheist because the overall evidence for creation is a slam dunk, regardless of the age of the Earth…… BTW Pastor, I’m reading ” Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabel Qureshi, MD. He is on the Ravi Zacharias Ministry team and it’s a fantastic read about his personal journey. It is very revealing regarding Islam. I highly recommend it.!

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