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Another Christian Artist “Comes Out,” Promotes Gay Christianity

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I’ll admit that I have never heard of Jennifer Knapp until today. Apparently she was a fairly successful Christian artist who took a seven year hiatus, recently returning with a secular album. Oh, and she’s gay. You can read the Christianity Today interview with Knapp for yourself. I read it. She…

City Council Demands Churches Conduct Same-Sex Weddings

Just a dress rehearsal for a performance coming soon to a city in America near you! City Council Demands Churches Conduct Same-Sex Weddings.  

Hyper-Grace 2

So, what is “hyper-grace”? The term was coined by Dr. Michael Brown in a February 2013 in which he warned of the errors of the modern grace message.1 Brown has written a book called Hyper-Grace: Exposing the Dangers of the Modern Grace Message2 in which he laboriously and very thoroughly confronts the errors of the … Continue reading


Hyper-Grace Episode 1 Hyper-Grace Episode 2 Hyper-Grace Episode 3 Hyper-Grace Episode 4 Hyper-Grace Episode 5 Hyper-Grace Episode 6 Antinomianism Hyper-Grace: The Real Hyper Danger 8 Signs of ‘Hypergrace’ Churches Osteen Rob Bell Chambers, Whitten Chambers, Whitten article …Chambers accused of antinomian theology Gagnon critique of Whitten’s Pure Grace The Death of Exodus International: The Hyper-Grace … Continue reading

Atheism: Huxley on agnosticism

Interesting background on the origin amd meaning of the word “agnostic.” Atheism: Huxley on agnosticism.  

Christian News Headlines

The people we listen to!   Christian News Headlines.  

The Comprehension Gulf | ccithink

The Comprehension Gulf | ccithink.  

Clergy Project

Richard Dawkins: So compassionate to help pastors-turned-atheist with the fallout of their decision including: Wrestling with intellectual, ethical, philosophical and theological issues Coping with cognitive dissonance Addressing feelings of being stuck and fearing the future Looking for new careers Telling their families Sharing useful resources Living as a nonbeliever with religious spouses and family Using … Continue reading

Do Agnostics Exist?

When asked if agnostics are atheists, Bertrand Russell answered, “No. An atheist, like a Christian, holds that we can know whether or not there is a God. The Christian holds that we can know there is a God, the atheist that we can know there is not. The agnostic suspends judgment, saying that there are … Continue reading

Group preparing to press military for atheist chaplain, source says | Fox News

Group preparing to press military for atheist chaplain, source says | Fox News.