Maybe The Liberals Will Love You Now! The Bushes and Same-Sex Marriage

It has widely been reported that former President George H. W. Bush, or “Bush 41” as he is called, served as a witness at a gay marriage ceremony in Maine. The newlyweds were some of his long time friends.

I think most conservatives thought that they could count on the Bushes to uphold conservative Christian values. The AP article I read1 revealed that, other than the two elder Bushes, Laura, her daughter Barbara, and Dick Cheney all support gay marriage (Cheney’s daughter is gay). President George W. seems to have retreated into an “I won’t answer that question because I’m not in politics” mode, and Jeb apparently thinks the state should decide and that we all need to be supportive of non-traditional families. All of this is disappointing but not all that surprising. It is the rare leader these days who sticks to his values in the midst…

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