What we can expect with the gay rights issue . . .


Since gay rights have now successfully been elevated to the level of a civil rights issue–along with women’s suffrage and black civil rights, as per our President’s inaugural speech–I think we will see the current celebration roll into a full-fledged press for same-sex marriage across the states (as the article referenced below indicates). I do not know the amount of federal monies that become available for states who have made same-sex marriage legal but I cannot imagine that there aren’t any! And as brother Bill Clinton taught us it is all about the money!

I ALSO THINK that we will see a heightened assault through the legal system against any and all individuals and/or institutions who have not yet affirmed their support of gay rights.

Finally, since it is now a civil rights issue, I think we can expect a Constitutional amendment in the not too distant future.

As for…

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