Christ and Culture Update: Session 2 Reflections

Thanks to all who were in class last night! I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I feel like we covered some important ground pertaining to an ethics of Christ and culture.

We talked about the concept of “the good” and the idea that the Church is called to step forward with answers about what the “good life” looks like. It seems arrogant to the world, but Jesus has commissioned us to win this world to Christ and that entails more than just the job of evangelizing people and plugging them into a local church. It also involves living prophetically in the culture and casting vision for the divine life and demonstrating how that divine life fits in to our daily lives in the real world.

We talked about one of the presumed chief complaints the culture has against Christians, namely that we focus on Christ and not on humanity; that we say we care about people but we don’t prove it by embracing humanitarian visions for this present life. There is always the siren voice luring the Church to simply embrace humanity in its glory to the exclusion of God.

We discussed the concept of heresy and looked at the definitions, old and new, of tolerance and how we the concept of tolerance had moved from the idea of allowing an undesired thought or opinion to accepting every thought and opinion as valid!.

Next week we will continue with our discussion of an ethics of Christ and culture, talk a bit more about the new tolerance, and look at some current examples of intolerance. We will also inch closer to looking at some real life examples of th heretical teachings that seem to be cropping up everywhere.

It seems like some may still be in disbelief (or shock) concerning the things I am sharing. It is a lot to take in, I know. Nevertheless, this is what responsible Christianity looks like: being aware of the times and prayerfully considering what the Lord would have us to do when it comes to the culture.

Remember, the reason these things are so important now, and thus the reason for this class, is that the pull toward these errant doctrines and philosophies is coming from inside the evangelical church.

Be sure and read through the various articles and don’t forget to check out ccithink as well. See you next week!

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